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TOEFL 作 文 常 見 的 23 種 錯 誤
1.結構不平行例:I was able to raise my TOEFL score by studying hard and I read lots of books.當使用連詞將一系列的單詞聯接起來的時候,應當使用詞性相同或同一類型的短語。   
2.不知所云例:Many companies began using computers mouth.
3.段落過長,不分段主語與動詞一致問題She are a good friend of mine that I has known for a long time.主語和動詞在數方面不一致。   
4.句子彆扭We heated the soup in the microwave for too long and the shape of the container changed.措辭過長或不清。換言之,句子顯得滑稽可笑。   

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501. The commonsense commonwealth government no longer uses the uncommon commonplace.
502. The communist communicated communism to this municipal community.
503. In the bar the barber bargained for a jar of jam, then got over the barrier of barrels.
504. The quarrelsome general quarreled about a quarter quart of oil in the headquarters.
505. On the wedding I saw blooms embeded in the bed of the bedroom.

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238. The loosened goose chooses the cheese to eat. 被解開的鵝挑選奶酪吃。 239. By policy, the police impolitely sliced the politician’s politics books. 根據政策,警方不客氣的把政客的政治書籍切成了薄片。 240. At the neck of the wrecked deck, the reckoner checked the opaque cheque. 在遭破坏的甲板的頸部,計算者檢查了這張不透明支票。 第三周第3天(今天是3月29日星期三,再過兩天就可以休息了,所以各位網友一定要堅持呀) 241. The scholar foolishly took the school cooling pool for swimming pool. 學者愚蠢的把學校的冷卻池當成游泳池。 242. Having played golf, the wolf in wool rested on the tool stool in the zoo. 打過高爾夫球之后,穿羊毛衣的狼歇在動物園里的工具登上。 243. Citizens in the city’s civil buildings are all civilized. 城市名用建築內的市民全都得到教化。 244. The pious man is dubious about the vicious civilian’s vivid description of his vicinity to his wife. 虔誠的男子對邪惡的平民生動的描述他與其妻子的密切(關係)半信半疑。 245. The corps’ corn in the corner is scorned by the stubborn corporation. 軍團種在角落里的玉米遭到頑固公司的蔑視。 246. The attorney’s horn lies horizontally in the thorns. 代理律師的號角水平地躺在荊棘中。 247. I seem to deem his foreseeing of that the man will seek seeds in the weed. 我似乎相信他的預見,他預見那個人將在雜草中尋找種子。 248. The agreement disagrees in the degree of agreeable freedom. 協議在使人愉快的自由程度上存在分歧。 249. In the freezing breeze, the breeder greedily squeezed oil from the seeds. 在冰冷的微風中,飼養員貪婪地從種子中搾油。 250. We need reed needles to speed the deed indeed. 我們確實需要一些蘆葦針來加快行動。 251. The accessory successor never made concessions to difficulties, so he succeeded in accessing successive successes. 附屬繼承人從未向困難妥協,因此在走向連續的成功之路上成功了. 252. I exceed the excellent student who has excessive excellence. 我勝過那個有過多優點的優秀學生. 253. During the procession, the microprocessor finished the processing procedure. 在隊伍行進時,微處理器完成了加工過程. 254. The chess professor confessed his professional blessing in the confession. 象棋教授在供狀中承認了其職業福氣. 255. The progressive congressman dressed in black stressed his distress. 穿著黑色衣服的進步國會議員強調了他的不幸. 256. The man depressed by the pressure from the press expressed the impression on him. 那個受到來自新聞界壓力壓抑的人表達了他的印象. 257. Initially I kept silent to the essential essay. 起初我對這個重要的短評保持沉默。 258. The enforced law reinforced that forced divorce is forbidden. 實施的法律強化了禁止強迫離婚. 259. In the cork workshop, the workers fork the pork. 在軟木車間,工人們用叉子叉豬肉. 260. That person personally persuaded the personnel with persuasive words. 那個人用有說服力的話親自說服了人事部門。 第三周第4天(今天是3月30日星期四,再過一天就可以休息了,所以各位網友要加把勁學習呀) 261. The dull bull fully fulfilled pulling the bulletproof bulletin board. 遲鈍的公牛充分履行了拖防彈公告牌(的職責)。 262. The lucky duck tucked in truck suddenly sucked the gas from the bucket. 塞在卡車里的幸運鴨子突然從桶里吸汽油. 263. Boil the oil soiled by the coil in the toilet lest it spoil. 把被盥洗室里的線圈弄臟的油煮開,免得它變質. 264. The selfish man put himself on the shelf. 那個自私的人把自己束之高閣。 265. In this climate, the climber climbed up the cliff with his stiff limbs. 在這種氣候下,攀登者用僵硬的四肢爬上懸崖. 266. The puffy staff’s stuffy chests are stuffed with sufficient suffering. 喘氣的職員們悶熱的胸中填滿了足夠的痛苦. 267. The member of good memory remembers to commemorate his friend with memorials. 那位記性好的成員記得用紀念品紀念他的朋友。 268. The room is lumbered with numerous cucumbers. 房間里亂堆著大量黃瓜。 269. The poet’s toes get out of his shoes. Here heroes are zeros. 詩人的腳趾露出了鞋子。在這里英雄無足輕重。 270. In the library, arbitrary the librarian wrote the auxiliary diary about military literature. 在圖書館,武斷的圖書管理員寫下了有關軍事文學的輔助日記。 271. The royal destroyer employs lots of loyal employees. 皇家驅逐艦雇傭了很多忠心的雇員. 272. On the voyage, the enjoyable toy brought me joy and annoyance. 在航行中,使人愉快的玩具給我帶來快樂和煩惱. 273. Her boyfriend fed a box of oxygen and hydrogen to the ox and fox. 她男朋友給牛和狐狸喂了一盒子氧和氫. 274. The instructor struggled to say, "The structure of the construction led to the destruction." 教師掙扎著說:"建築物的構造導致這場毀滅." 275. I debated that the debtor was doubtless in double troubles. 我爭論說債務人很可能處在雙重困境中。 276. With a dim triumph, she trims the swimming-suit rim at the swimming-pool brim. 她帶著暗淡的喜悅在泳池邊整理泳裝的邊緣. 277. Twice the twin king wins the winter swinging under the wing of the plane. 孿生國王兩次贏得冬季機翼下的蕩秋千賽。 278. Having piled miles of files, the compiler smiled a while at the profile. 堆了幾英里長的文件之后,編輯對著側面笑了一會. 279. By the spoon you’ll soon see the smooth tooth of the moon above the booth. 借助勺子你可以立刻看到電話亭上方月亮的光滑牙齒. 280. She met me in the Fleet Street and greeted me with a sweet smile. 她在艦隊街上遇見我,並對我致以甜甜的一笑. 第三周第5天(各位網友一定要堅持下來呀,週六、週日可以好好休息一下,另外別忘了順便復習這周的內容,檢查一下自己學習得如何?我們下周再見面了,^_^) 281. The conductor is reluctant to reduce the conductivity of the semiconductor. 導演不情願降低半導體的導電率. 282. The producer introduced a productive technological product into production. 制造者把一項多產的技術成果引進到生產中. 283. The anxious man is unconscious of my anxiety. 那個不安的人沒有覺察到我的憂慮. 284. Previously he was obviously envious of my success. 先前他明顯地嫉妒我的成功. 285. I highly appreciate the preceding man’s precious precise exercise. 我高度欣賞前面那個人可貴的精確演練. 286. The miracle mirrors a horrible error made by the terrorists in the terrible territory. 這件奇事反映了恐怖分子在這一可怕地區犯的可怕錯誤. 287. I hurt my tongue when I hurried to eat cherry and strawberry merrily. 我匆忙快活地吃櫻桃和草莓時傷了舌頭. 288. The man proclaimed in exclamation that he aimed to reclaim the aimless claim. 那個人呼喊著聲明說他打算索回無目標的索賠. 289. In no circumstances can the bicycle in the circle of the circus be a focus. 馬戲表演圈子中的自行車決不會成為焦點. 290. I’m busy unless I’m blessed with less lesson. 我很忙,除非我很幸運只有少量功課. 291. How to pronounce the noun "ounce" in the announcement? 布告中的名詞"盎司"怎樣發音? 292. It’s incredible that the editor’s editorial in this edition is edible. 本版中的編輯社論可以食用讓人難以置信。 293. The whistler whispered, "Which is rich?" 鳴笛者低語道:"哪一個富有?" 294. Which method of making the metal helmet is more economical in total? 生產這種金屬頭盔的方法哪一種總體上更節約? 295. The diligent teller told a tedious story about the intelligent satellite. 勤奮的出納講述了一個關於智慧衛星的乏味故事. 296. The soda made the goddess nod by the fishing rod. 蘇打使女神在釣竿旁打盹. 297. The modest man moderately modified the model in this mode. 謙虛者適度地用這種方式修改了模型。 298. The humorous rumour has something to do with human humanity and vanity. 那個幽默傳聞與人類的仁慈和虛榮心有關。 299. The wakened cake baker awakes to that he has to brake by the lake. 被喚醒的蛋糕師傅醒悟到他必須在湖邊剎車。 300. I overtake the undertaker who takes my stake by mistake. 我追上那個誤拿我賭注的承辦人。 第四周第1天(一周之際在於今,各位網友一定要堅持下來呀,相信肯定能提高你們的詞匯量。另外,到目前為止,已經快完成一半的任務了,所以大家別輕言放棄!) 301. The crying boy tries to fry the dry crystal. 哭喊的男孩試圖用油炸干晶體. 302. In the chimney the donkey and monkey found the key to the money monitor. 猴和驢在煙囪里找到了貨幣監視器的鑰匙. 303. At the edge of the wedged hedge, I acknowledged the knowledgeable man. 在楔形籬笆的邊緣上,我向那位博識的人致謝. 304. The shark’s remark on the marble mark in the market is remarkable. 騙子關於市場上大理石標記的評論值得關注. 305. In the sparking park, the darling dark dog barked at the embarked larks. 在閃著火花的公園里,可愛的深色狗對著裝載於船雲雀吠叫. 306. The drifter swiftly shifted the gift to the left of the lift. 那個漂泊者敏捷地將禮物換到電梯的左邊. 307. The rival’s arrival gives him a forgivable chance. 對手的到來給他一個可原諒的機會。 308. From the fact, the shivering driver derives that the diver may thrive on river. 發抖的司機從這個事實得出結論說跳水員可以靠河流繁榮. 309. The striver contrives to derive that privacy can’t be deprived. 奮斗者想方設法推導得出隱私(權)不可剝奪. 310. The lively survivor surveyed the conveyer. 活潑的幸存者考察了輸送裝置. 311. The living olive keeps the deliverer’s liver alive. 活橄欖使發貨人的肝臟繼續存活. 312. With a knife the knitter ends his wife’s life in the lifeboat. 在救生艇上編織者用小刀結束了他妻子的性命。 313. Who made a whole hole in the holy holiday? 誰在神聖的假日里打了一個完整的孔? 314. The man who broke the sole solid lid is solemnly condemned. 打破這個僅有的實心蓋子的人受到莊嚴譴責. 315. By the ruler’s schedule, the molecule capsules will play an important role in the roller. 根據統治者的時間表,這種分子膠囊將在滾筒上起重要作用. 316. I deliberately liberated the man who was in despair and desperately struggled for liberation and liberty. 我有意解放了那個拼命地爭取解放和自由的絕望者。 317. At the outset this set of setting settled the offset problem of the kettle. 318. I bet that he forgot the forged alphabetical targets. 319. The draft for aircraft is sent to the airline by airmail. 320. On the impaired dairy the chairman lay in a pair of repaired chairs for haircut 第四周第2天(各位網友一定要堅持下來呀,相信肯定能提高你們的詞匯量。另外,到目前為止,已經快完成一半的任務了,所以大家別輕言放棄!) 321. I met a fairly unfair affair upstairs. 我在樓上遇到一件頗不公平的事. 322. At the breakfast, the steak leaked from the break. 早餐時,肉片從缺口處漏出來。 323. The weak speaker made a speech on the bleak peak. 虛弱的講話者在荒涼的山峰上發表了演說。 324. The mouse’s tearing the blouse and trousers aroused the housewife’s anger. 老鼠撕咬短衫和褲子激起了主婦的怒火。 325. We beat (defeated) the cheat who heated the wheat. 我們打敗了給小麥加熱的騙子。 326. He created the great creature with concrete for recreation. 他用混凝土創造了這個偉大的創造物作消遣. 327. In the theater I threatened to treat the treaty with retreat. 在劇院里,我威脅要以退卻來對待條約. 328. The man in neat sweaty sweater seated himself in the rear. 穿整潔的汗濕毛衣的男子在后面就坐. 329. The lagging man tagged the bags among the luggage with small flags. 落伍者給行李中的袋子加上小旗標簽. 330. The ragged man drags a waggon of rag fragments. 那個衣衫襤褸的人拉著一貨車破布碎片. 331. The lawyer’s son-in-law likes hawk’s claws and jaws. 律師的女婿喜歡鷹爪和下頜. 332. The drawer put the strawberries and raw paws into a drawer in the saw-mill. 繪圖者把草莓和生熊掌放進鋸板廠的抽屜里。 333. I had appetite for inviting the man who bit me despite I had spite against him. 我有意邀請咬我的人,盡管我怨恨他. 334. On the exciting kite site, the excited reciter cited my verse. 在激動人心的風箏現場,激動的朗誦者應用了我的詩句。 335. The photographer put the graph in the paragraph on geographical geometry. 攝影師將圖表插到論述地理幾何學的段落. 336. The telegram says that the diagrams show the grammar of the program. 電報說圖表表示程序的語法. 337. With gratitude he congratulated me on the celebration. 338. The rational operator started a new era of opera cooperation in AD 2000. 339. I can’t tolerate the acceleration in decorating the refrigerator. 340. The fateful up-to-date data of the gate have a fatal error. 為鼓勵大家相互學習交流,特別把最后幾個句子的翻譯省去,還請你們諒解呀,^_^^_^ 第四周第3天 341. I’ve hatred for the hateful man’s skates bought with prior private privilege. 我對那個可惡男子用優先個人特權購買的冰鞋感到厭惡. 342. With one penny I had this peculiar pen opened. 我花了一便士讓人把這支奇特的鋼筆打開了。 343. I lowered flowing flowers below the table. 我把飄垂的花降低到桌子之下. 344. The plowman slowly blows at the glowing globe. 犁地者對著發紅的球體慢慢吹氣. 345. The fellow’s yellow pillow is hollowed by his follower. 那個家伙的黃色枕頭被他的跟隨者掏空了. 346. The junior and senior of the senate all have driver’s licenses. 參議院的年長者和年少者都有駕駛執照. 347. The immense expense in condensing the steam made me tense. 凝結蒸汽的巨大開支使我感到緊張. 348. A sensible man’s sensor is sensitive to nonsense on census. 明智者的傳感器對人口調查廢話敏感. 349. The offensive offender defended himself with the fence. 那個討厭的触犯者用籬笆自衛. 350. The dependent dependant can’t live independently. 依靠別人的被贍養者不能獨立生活. 351. The attendants attend the meeting and pretend to be attentive. 侍從們出席會議並裝出專注的樣子。 352. The tenderer surrendered her tremendously slender tender fingers. 投標者交出了她異常縴細嬌嫩的手指. 353. The tension tends to extend to a more extensive extent. 緊張傾向於向更廣泛的程度擴展。 354. I spend money on expensive things endlessly; so the expenditure trends up. 我無休止地花錢買昂貴的東西,所以開支趨向上昇。 355. I send him the blend calendar and the splendid bent lens he lent to me. 我把他借給我的混合日曆和絕妙的彎曲透鏡送給他. 356. The goodness of the wooden goods gives me good mood. 木制商品的精華給我一個好心情. 357. The teenagers in the canteen are keen to see the queen sitting between the green screens in the greenhouse. 358. From the tiny tin pin, the spinner pinched off an inch. 359. In my opinion, only the onion can grow in the iron environment. 360. The crazy jazzman gazed at the blaze on the razor with amazement. 第四周第4天(各位網友一定要堅持下來呀,相信肯定能提高你們的詞匯量。另外,到目前為止,已經快完成一半的任務了,所以大家別輕言放棄!) 361. The illustration illuminates the demonstrating Democrat’s penetrating strategy. 圖解闡明了正在示威的民主黨黨員的滲透策略. 362. The cat catches a fat rat and scatters the others under the mat. 貓抓了一只肥鼠並驅散了席子下面的其它老鼠。 363. On the flat platform the bat will pat whatever hat it likes. 在平坦的站台上,蝙蝠會拍打它喜歡的任何帽子. 364. Hence the hen cries whenever it sees a chicken. 從此每當那只母雞看見小雞時就叫. 365. The driller filled the grill with brilliant film. 鉆孔者在烤架上填滿輝煌的膠片. 366. The ill man had a pill and sat on the pillar in stillness until now. 那個坏人吃了一顆葯丸后靜止不動地坐在柱子上直到現在. 367. The skilful miller killed millions of lions with his ski. 技術嫻熟的磨坊主用雪橇殺死了上百萬頭獅子。 368. The silly spilled the milk on the silver silk. 傻子把牛奶濺到銀白色的絲綢上。 369. On the far farm the army’s arms are kept warm by a swarm of bees. 在遠方的農場上,陸軍的武器被一群蜜蜂保暖. 370. The alarm harmed the charming harmony of the ceremony. 警報聲損害了典禮迷人的和諧. 371. Squirrel inquired an acquaintance and acquired the requirements. 松鼠詢問了一位熟人,得知了那些要求. 372. A title is entitled to the retired worker who repaired the entire tire tirelessly. 那個不倦地修理了整個輪胎的退休工人被授予了一個頭銜. 373. The hired admirer inspired his desire for the wire. 雇傭欽佩者激發了他對鐵絲的渴望. 374. The firm fireman first overcame thirst desire. 堅定的消防員首先克服口渴欲望。 375. The tiresome pirate sounded siren and let off fireworks. 討厭的海盜鳴汽笛放焰火. 376. The career carpenter put the cargo on the carbon carpet. 職業木匠把貨物放到碳質地毯上. 377. The married man carried the scarred car and carriage onto the carrier. 已婚男子把有疤痕的汽車和馬車帶到了航母上。 378. Apart from that apartment, the departed department leader was partly partial to this one. 379. I can hardly pardon his discarding the hardware and cardboard in the harbour. 380. The guard guards the guarantee in the garden regardless of the hazard. 第四周第5天(各位網友一定要堅持下來呀,過了今天就能好好休息了!到目前為止,剛好完成800個句中的400個句子,萬里長征已經走了一半的路程,今天是個好日子得慶祝!革命尚未成功同志仍需努力) 381. I packed the jackets and rackets into packets with the sacks. 我們用袋子將夾克和球拍打成小包。 382. The bachelor is detached to attach tags to the yacht. 學士被派遣去給游艇貼標簽。 383. The attacker cracked the racks and stacked them on the track. 攻擊者打裂擱板並把它們堆在跑道上. 384. The backward man lacks black background. 落后的男子缺少黑色背景. 385. The awfully awkward warship is warned not to be awarded war reward. 那艘非常拙劣的軍艦受到不給予戰爭報酬的警告。 386. Afterwards, I went toward the yard and looked upward, downward, inward, outward, forward and backward. 后來我走向院子,向上下內外前后看. 387. The bright fighter is frightened and flies upright in straight line from the right. 那架明亮的戰斗機受到驚嚇后呈直線地從右邊垂直飛起來. 388. I slightly delight in flight in the sunlight and lightning. 我有點喜歡在陽光和閃電中飛行. 389. Money will be tight overnight after tonight’s midnight. 銀根將在今晚午夜之后一下緊縮. 390. The sightseer speaks highly of the highway with sigh. 觀光者嘆息著盛贊這條公路. 391. At the agency, the aged agent is urgently urged to go for surgery by the gentle surgeon. 在辦事處,溫和的外科醫生急切地催促年老的代理商做外科手術。 392. If you carry the cabinet of cabbage garbage to the garage, you’ll get an average wage. 如果你把這櫥柜包菜垃圾扛進了汽車庫,你將獲得一份平均工資. 393. The villagers in rage caused a tragedy on the cage-like stage. 狂怒的村民在籠子形的舞台上制造了一場悲劇. 394. It is imaginable that breaking the engagement will damage his image. 可以想象,違反婚約將損害他的形象。 395. The extra theme of the supreme scheme is an extreme secret. 至高無上的計划的額外主題是個極端機密. 396. No extraordinary disorder happens on the orderly border. 在有序的邊界上沒有發生不尋常的混亂. 397. The wordy lord left his sword on the world. 398. According to the record, the cord was the oldest recorder the people could afford. 399. Moreover, the new government overlooked the governor over the oven. 400. In the discussion I discovered that the lost cover was recovered 第五周第1天(各位網友一定要堅持下來呀,相信肯定能提高你們的詞匯量。另外,到目前為止,已經完成一半的任務了,所以大家別輕言放棄!) 401. The beloved novelist put her lovely gloves above the stove. 敬愛的小說家把她美麗的手套放在火爐上方。 402. It’s proved that the approver improved waterproof roof. 經證實,贊同者改善了防水屋頂. 403. In the reaction, the fraction acts as an agent. 在反應中,這些碎片起一種媒劑的作用. 404. Actually the actor and actress reacted actively to the activity. 實際上男演員和女演員對這個活動作出了積極的反應。 405. In the racial horse-race, the white racer’s race-horse won. 在種族賽馬運動中,白人賽手的馬獲勝. 406. I feel a trace of disgrace for the gracious man’s embracing her bracelet. 我對仁慈男子擁抱她的手鐲感到一絲恥辱. 407. The preface is written on the surface of the furnace that faces the space facilities. 序言寫在面對太空設施的火爐表面. 408. “In fact, some factors are unsatisfactory to the factory,” the dissatisfied manager said. “事實上有些因素對工廠來說不是滿意的。”不滿的經理說。 409. The manufacturer manually manufactured many machines for the manufactory. 制造商為工廠手工制造了很多機器。 410. The exact contact with practice has practical impact on me. 同實踐的密切接触對我有實際的影響. 411. To make the contract attractive, the contractor subtracted a tractor from it. 為了使合同有吸引力,承包商從中減去了一台拖拉機。 412. In this chapter, the capture characterized the characteristics of the characters. 俘虜在本章描述了字符的特性. 413. The captive captivated by the apt adaptation rapped the cavity with rapture. 被靈巧的改編迷住了的被捕者著迷地敲打空腔. 414. I’m in charge of discharging a large amount of charcoal and coal at the coal mine. 我負責在煤礦卸一大堆木炭和煤。 415. With shortcomings overcome, the outcome become welcome. 隨著缺點被克服,結果變得受歡迎. 416. At the station the statesman hesitates to state the status of the statue. 在車站政治家不願陳述雕像的狀況。 417. The limitation on the imitations is preliminarily eliminated. 對模仿的限制初步被消除. 418. The unconventional convention put many people to inconvenience. 那個不合慣例的大會使很多人感到不便. 419. The ventilator inventor’s adventure prevented him from venturing revenge. 通風機發明家的奇遇阻止了他冒險復仇. 420. Even the evening event couldn’t eventually spoil the joy of the New Year’s Eve. 即便是傍晚的事件最終也無損除夕的歡樂. 第五周第2天(不知道大家覺得這樣學習是不是很不方便呀?如果你們有什麼想法的話,請在下面留言) 421. After an explosion the explorer restored the storage of the explosive in the exploiter’s storehouse. 爆炸過后勘探者恢復了剝削者的倉庫里炸葯的儲量. 422. The sore is orally ignored by the ignorant immoral man. 瘡痛被無知的不道德者口頭忽視了. 423. The boring boy bored ashore for ore core at the score. 討厭的男孩在海岸上的刻線處鉆探礦核. 424. In the famine I got familiar with this famous family name/surname. 在飢荒中,我熟悉了這個有名的姓。 425. The tame tigers play the same game on the frame. 溫順的老虎在框架上玩同一游戲. 426. The shameless lame man is to blame for the flaming frame. 無恥的跛子應為燃燒的框架負責。 427. The plain woman explained to me why she complained about the chain. 長相平平的女人向我解釋她為什麼抱怨那條鏈子。 428. After the entertainment the captain obtained an entrance fee. 娛樂表演之后,船長獲得了一筆入場費. 429. It’s acertained that the certificate is behind the curtain of the stainless steel container. 經查實證書在不銹鋼容器的帘子后面. 430. In the building, the wild child hurt his mild chin on the china. 在大樓里,那個粗野的孩子在瓷器上弄傷了溫柔的下巴。 431. The feeble man feels an ache on his heels and knees when he kneels on the steel steering wheel. 當虛弱男子跪在鋼舵輪上時他的腳跟和雙膝感到疼痛. 432. The bee paid the fee of coffee, beef and beer for the cheerful deer. 蜜蜂為歡快的鹿付了咖啡、牛肉和啤酒的費用. 433. To the ants, the infant elephant is a giant in the plantation. 對螞蟻們來說,幼小的大象是種植園里的龐然大物. 434. The merciful merchant wants to grant some merchandise to the panting immigrants. 仁慈的商人要給喘氣的移民們一些商品. 435. The lengthened long fishing rod alongside the lake belongs to me. 靠在湖邊的加長長釣竿屬於我. 436. The strong man among us strongly hates the wrongdoing. 我們當中的壯漢強烈憎惡這件坏事. 437. In occasional case the phrase emphasizes the importance of the phase to the laser. 在偶然情況下該短句強調了相位對於雷射的重要性. 438. Based on the basic case, the purchaser found the vase in the basin in the basement. 根據這個基本情況,購買者在地下室的盆子里找到了花瓶. 439. On the camp of the campus the campaign champion put the camera on the camel. 在校園的營地上運動冠軍將攝影機放在駱駝上. 440. He stamped on the stamps and slammed the lamp on the damp dam. 他用腳踩郵票並將燈砰地摔在潮濕的壩上. 第六周第1天(各位網友一定要堅持下來呀,相信肯定能提高你們的詞匯量。另外,到目前為止,還有兩周的時間就完成整個學習計划了,大家別放棄呀!) 501. The commonsense commonwealth government no longer uses the uncommon commonplace. 有常識的聯邦政府不再使用不尋常的陳腐之言。 502. The communist communicated communism to this municipal community. 那個共產黨員把共產主義傳入該市立社區. 503. In the bar the barber bargained for a jar of jam, then got over the barrier of barrels. 在酒巴里理發師為一罐果醬講了價然后越過桶作的屏障. 504. The quarrelsome general quarreled about a quarter quart of oil in the headquarters. 好爭吵的將軍在司令部為四分之一夸脫油而爭吵. 505. On the wedding I saw blooms embeded in the bed of the bedroom. 在婚禮上,我看見臥室的床上鑲嵌著花朵. 506. The fisherman wishes to finish the dish of reddish fish. 漁夫希望做完那盤略帶紅色的魚。 507. On the Christmas the Christian’s assistant fisted Pistol Piston and twisted his wrist. 在聖誕節,基督徒的助手拳擊了“手槍活塞”並扭了他的手腕. 508. My sister insists consistently on persistent resistance to transistor radios. 妹妹一貫堅決主張持久抵制晶體管收音機。 509. The chemist and the mistress insist that the mist consists of several chemicals. 化學家和女教師堅持認為薄霧由幾種化學物品構成. 510. My nephew found a few dewdrops on the Jewish jeweler’s jewel. 侄兒發現猶太珠寶商的珠寶上有幾滴露珠. 511. The crew unscrewed the screws from the sewing-machine and chewed them. 船員們從縫紉機上旋下螺釘並咀嚼它們. 512. The interviewer reviewed the newspaper and renewed his viewpoint on the news. 採訪者再次查看了報紙並更新了他對該新聞的看法. 513. The refiner defined a definite confine with her fine finger. 提煉者用她精細的手指定義了一個明確的界限. 514. The sugared vinegar is refined from the sugarcane and pine. 加糖的醋是從甘蔗和松木中精煉出來的. 515. We are dined and wined in the inner dining-room of the inn. 在旅店的內部餐廳,我們受到了酒宴款待. 516. I’m inclined to underline these disciplines in the outline written on linen. 我傾向於給寫在亞麻布上的大綱中的這些學科划下畫線. 517. The engineer examined the engine of the mining machine for stomach. 工程師檢查採礦機的發動機是否有肚子痛。 518. The submitted submarine on the magic magazine is shining and magnificent. 魔術雜志上那艘提交的潛艇閃亮而壯觀。 519. Thus the enthusiastic dumb man thumbed the humble man’s umbrella. 於是熱情的啞巴用拇指撥弄謙卑男子的傘. 520. The trembles of the umbrella assembly lines have resemblances. 這些雨傘裝配線的抖動有相似之處。 第六周第2天(今天是4月18日星期二,各位網友一定要堅持下來呀,相信肯定能提高你們的詞匯量。) 521. I’m interested in why he is arrested while resting in aural restaurant in the forest. 我對他為何在森林里的香味餐館歇息的時候被捕感興趣。 522. I guess the guest’s gesture suggested that he could not digest well. 我猜想客人的手勢暗示了他消化不良. 523. The pretty priest protested the contest of protein test. 漂亮牧師抗議蛋白質化驗賽. 524. “What a marvelous carving!” the starving harvester in vest said. “好一件神奇的雕刻!”挨餓的穿著背心的收割者說. 525. During the festival the investor investigated his ancestor. 節日期間投資者調查了他的祖宗. 526. Subsequently the eloquent man frequently asked the consequence of quenching in sequence. 其后雄辯者頻繁地詢問順序滅火的結果. 527. In this semester the westerner thinks Chest Orchestra is the best. 這學期西方人認為箱子樂隊是最好的樂隊. 528. Henceforth, the north wind is worthless to the northerners. 從今以后,北風對北方人沒有益處。 529. On the eastern Easter feast, a

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第一周的第01天(一定要堅持下來): 1,With my own ears I clearly heard the heart beat of the nuclear bomb. 我親耳清楚地聽到原子彈的心臟的跳動。 2. Next year the bearded bear will bear a dear baby in the rear. 明年,長胡子的熊將在后方產一頭可愛的小崽. 3. Early I searched through the earth for earthenware so as to research in earthquake. 早先我在泥土中搜尋陶器以研究地震. 4. I learn that learned earnest men earn much by learning. 我得知有學問而認真的人靠學問掙很多錢. 5. She swears to wear the pearls that appear to be pears. 她發誓要戴那些看起來像梨子的珍珠。 6. I nearly fear to tear the tearful girl’s test paper. 我幾乎害怕撕那個淚流滿面的女孩的試卷. 7. The bold folk fold up the gold and hold it in hand. 大膽的人們將黃金折疊起來拿在手里。 8. The customers are accustomed to the disgusting custom. 顧客們習慣了令人討厭的風俗. 9. The dust in the industrial zone frustrated the industrious man. 工業區里的灰塵使勤勉的人灰心. 10. The just budget judge just justifies the adjustment of justice. 公正的預算法官只不過為司法調整辯護而已。 11. I used to abuse the unusual usage, but now I’m not used to doing so. 我過去常濫用這個不尋常的用法,但我現在不習慣這樣做。 12. The lace placed in the palace is replaced first, and displaced later. 放在皇宮的帶子先被替換,后來被轉移。 13. I paced in the peaceful spacecraft. 我在寧靜的宇宙飛船里踱步. 14. Sir, your bird stirred my girlfriend’s birthday party. 先生,你的鳥攪了我女友的生日聚會。 15. The waterproof material is suitable for the aerial used near the waterfall. 這種耐水材料適合用在瀑布附近的天線. 16. I hint that the faint saint painted the printer with a pint of paint. 我暗示說虛弱的聖徒用了一品脫油漆涂印刷機. 17. At any rate, the separation ratio is accurate. 無論如何,這個分離比是精確的. 18. The boundary around the round ground separates us from the surroundings. 圍繞著圓形場地的邊界將我們同四周隔開. 19. The blunder made the underground 包含ument undergo an undermining of the thunderbolt. 這個失策讓地下儀器經受了一次雷電的破坏。 20. The tilted salt filters halt alternately for altering. 傾斜的鹽過濾器交替地停下以便改造. 第一周的第02天(記得一定要堅持下來):   21. The wandering band abandoned her bandaged husband on Swan Island.   流浪的樂隊把她那位打著繃帶的丈夫遺棄在天鵝島上.   22. The manly Roman woman manager by the banner had man’s manner.   軍旗旁那位有男子氣概的古羅馬女經理具有男子風度.   23. In the lane the planer saw a planet airplane under the crane.   在巷道里,刨工看見了起重機下的行星飛機.   24. The wet pet in the net hasn’t got on the jet plane yet.   網中的濕寵物還沒有登上噴氣飛機.   25. After maintenance the main remains and remainders are left on the domain.   維修之后,主要遺骸和剩余物留在了領地上.   26. The grandson branded the brandy randomly.   孫子給白蘭地隨機地打上烙印。   27. The landlord’s land on the hightland of the mainland expanded a lot.   地主在大陸高原上的土地擴張了很多.   28. Utilize the fertilizer to keep the land fertile.   利用化肥保持土地肥沃.   29. The grand commander demands thousands of sandy sandwiches.   大司令官要成千個沙色三明治。   30. I infer that he is indifferent to differentiating the offers in different conferences.   我推斷他對區分不同會談中的報價漠不關心.   31. The maximum plus or minus the minimum makes minute difference.   最大值加上或者減去最小值只產生極小的差異.   32. The witty witness withdraws his words within minutes without any reason.   詼諧的證人在幾分鐘之內無故地收回了他說的話.   33. The cake maker shakes a naked snake with the quaking rake without sake.   蛋糕制造者無緣無故地用抖動的耙子搖一條赤裸的蛇.   34. By the crook, the cook looked through a cookbook before making hooked cookies.   在溪邊,廚子在做鉤形餅干之前查閱了一本食譜。   35. The writer writes the white book quite quietly in quilt.   作家在被子里十分平靜地寫白皮書。   36. On the chilly hillside, he is unwilling to write his will on the ten-shilling bill.   在寒冷的山坡上,他不願意將遺囑寫在十先令的賬單上.   37. The weaver will leave for the heavy heaven.   那位紡織工將要到陰沉的天國里去.   38. The handy left-hander left a handsome handkerchief on the handle of the handbag. 手巧的左撇子把一方漂亮手帕留在手提包的提手上。   39. The thief chief achieved the theft of a handkerchief for mischief.   賊首領完成了偷手帕的惡作劇.   40. I believe my brief words will relieve her grief.   我相信我簡短的話會減輕她的悲痛. 第一周的第3天(記得千萬別放棄):   41. At the dock I’m shocked to see the pocket rocket made of a block of rock.   在碼頭看到一塊岩石做的小巧火箭,我感到震驚.   42. Standing under the outstanding rock I misunderstood his standard standpoint.   站在突出的岩石下,我誤解了他的標準立場。   43. The substantial part of the constitution about the institution of institutes is substituted. 憲法中有關設立協會的實質性部分被替換.   44. Spell smell! Very well, the well-being for human being will swell.   拼字氣味(一詞)!很好,人類的福利將會膨脹.   45. Once none of you is here, the man in throne will live alone in the lonely zone.   一旦你們沒有人在此,王位上的人就要孤獨地生活在這個孤寂的地帶.   46. Nowadays the once unknown snowy hill is well-known for snowstorm.   如今那座曾經不出名的多雪小山因暴風雪而出名.   47. For instance, I can instantly know the constant distance.   例如,我可以即刻知道該恆定距離。   48. The man beyond the bond is fond of the second wonderful diamond.   那位不受約束的人喜歡第二顆奇異的鉆石。   49. While sinking into thinking, the shrinking linkman drank the pink ink sprinkled on the wrinkly paper.   陷入沉思時,退縮的聯絡員喝掉了洒在皺紋紙上的粉紅色墨水。   50. The contribution distributor thinks the microcomputer pollution is absolutely beyond dispute.   捐款分配者認為微電腦汙染是絕對不容置疑的.   51. He repeatedly repeats, "Eat meat."   他再三重復說:"吃肉."   52. Having canceled X-ray scan, the cancerous candidate on the canvas ate the idle candles in the candy can.   取消X線掃瞄后,帆布上的癌症候選人吃了糖果罐里的閑置蜡燭。   53. The dominant candidate is nominally nominated for president.   占優勢的候選人名義上被任命為總統.   54. The extravagant savage made the interior and exterior criteria of deterioration.   奢侈的野蠻人制定了腐敗的內外標準.   55. No, nobody’s body is noble, nor is his.   不,沒有任何人的軀體是高貴的,他的也不是.   56. Axe the tax on taxis. Wax may relax the body.   削減計程車的稅費。蜂蜡可以使身體放松.   57. The man in mask asked me for a task; I let him put the basket on the desk in the dusk.   戴面具的人向我要任務,我讓他在黃昏時把籃子放到桌子上.   58. The lump jumped off the pump and bumped on the trumpet in the dump.   傻大個跳下水泵撞到垃圾堆里的喇叭上。   59. On my request the conqueror questioned the man who jumped the queue.   根據我的請求,征服者質問了插隊者.   60. They are arguing about the document of the monumental instrument.   他們在辯論關於那件不朽樂器的文獻. 第一周的第4天(記得千萬別放棄):   61. However, Lever never fevers; nevertheless, he is clever forever.   無論如何,杠杆從未發燒;盡管如此,他始終機靈。   62. I never mind your unkind reminding that my grindstone hinders your cylinder.   我決不介意你不友善的提醒說我的磨刀石妨礙了你的汽缸。   63. I feed the food to the bleeding man in the flood.   我把食品喂給洪水中的那個流血的人.   64. It’s a treason terror of the seasonal oversea seafood is reasonable.   認為季節性的海外海鮮的價格是合理的就是背叛。   65. The veteran in velvet found that the diameter of the thermometer was one metre.   穿天鵝絨的老兵發現溫度計的直徑為一米.   66. The cube in the tubular cup occupies one cubic meter.   67. Put the spotless potatoes, tomatoes and tobacco atoms into the hot pot.   68. The preacher preached to the teacher’s teacup.   69. "My behavior is on behalf of half zebras," the algebra teacher said.   70. Unlike my uncle, I likely like that bike (bicycle).   71. She likes nothing but things of clothing and cloth.   72. The doctor’s doctrine undid one dollar and a dozen of collars.   73. On the bus the busy businessman did a business with the buyer.   74. Vegetables and tablets on the stably established table show no instability.   75. Primarily, the prime criminal’s crime has nothing to do with lime and overtime.   76. The ring on the spring string rings during springtime.   77. Shut in the hut, I’m puzzled how to cut down the output of nuts.   78. It’s better to put letters at the inlet and outlet.   79. During this serious period, the superierrorries of questions about the supermarket.   80. I tuned the tone of the stone phone with a bone. 第一周第5天:今天這周最后一天,大家在週六、週日好好總結一下,看看自己學習怎樣,感謝大家這周能堅持下來)   81. On Revenue avenue, the grave traveler jumped the gravestone bravely.   在稅收大道上,嚴肅的旅行者勇敢地跳過墓碑.   82. The slave safely saved the sharp shavers in a cave nearby the cafeteria.   奴隸將鋒利的剃刀安全地保存在自助餐廳附近的洞穴里.   83. Most hosts are hostile to the foremost ghost hostage almost to the utmost.   大多數主人對最前面的幽靈人質的敵對態度幾乎到了極頂.   84. The mapper trapped in the gap tapped the tap wrapper with strap.   陷在縫中的制圖者用皮帶輕擊塞子套.   85. The scout with shoulder-straps shouted on the outermost route as a routine.   戴肩章的偵察員照例在最外圍的路線上叫喊.   86. The reproached coach unloaded the loaves to the approachable roadside.   遭到責備的教練把面包卸到可接近的路旁.   87. The news about the broadened breadth is broadcast abroad.   寬度加寬的消息被廣播到國外.   88. The motive of the emotional movie is to move the removed men.   那部情感電影的動機在於感動被開除的人。   89. Otherwise, mother will go to another movie together with brother.   不然,媽媽就和弟弟一起去看另一場電影。   90. Furthermore, we gathered leather and feather for the future colder weather.   而且,我們收集了皮革和羽毛以應付將來更冷的天氣。   91. Before the premier, the old soldier scolds the cold weather.   92. Whether the weather is good or bad, neither father nor I am going to the gathering.   93. The Particle party’s partner participated in the particular Parliament.   94. For convenience of intensive study, he has an intense intention of making friend with me.   95. The virtueless girl’s duty is to wash the dirty shirts and skirts in the outskirts.   96. I glimpsed the dancer balancing herself on the ambulance by chance.   97. Balloon, baseball, basketball, football and volleyball all dance ballet on the volcano.   98. A gallon of gasoline and the nylon overalls fall into the valley.   99. Palm calmly recalled the so-called caller.   100. In the hall, the shallow challenger shall be allowed to swallow the swal 第二周第1天 101. The tall man installed a small wallet on the wall. 高個男子把一小錢包安放到墻上. 102. Except dishonest ones, anyone who is honest can get honey, everyone thinks so. 除了不誠實的人外,任何誠實的人都能得到蜂蜜,人人都這麼想。 103. The exhausted man and the trustful guy thrust a knife into the rusty crust. 精疲力竭的男子和深信不疑的家伙將一把刀子刺向生銹的外殼。 104. I finally find that the financial findings are binding. 我終於發現財經調查結果具有約束力。 105. At the windy window, the widow finds a blind snake winding. 在當風的視窗,寡婦發現有條瞎眼蛇在游動。 106. I refuse to accuse Fuse of diffusing confusion. 我拒絕控告導火索散播混亂。 107. He had an amusing excuse for executing the executive. 對於處決決策人,他有一個可笑的理由. 108. At the dawn on the lawn the yawning drowned man began to frown. 拂曉時在草坪上,打呵欠的溺水者開始皺眉頭. 109. Mr Brown owns the brown towels in the downtown tower. 布朗先生擁有鬧市區塔里的棕色毛巾。 110. Lots of pilots plot to dot the rotten robot. 大批領航員策划給腐爛的機器人打點. 111. In the hot hotel the devoted voter did not notice the noticeable notebook. 在炎熱的旅館里,熱心的投票者沒有注意到顯而易見的筆記本。 112. The notorious man’s noted notation denotes a notable secret. 那個臭名昭著的男子的著名符號代表一個值得關注的祕密. 113. Yes, yesterday was the my pay-day; I pay you the payment today. 是的,昨天是我的發薪日,我今天付給你報酬. 114. Lay a layer of clay on the displayed layout before the relay race. 接力賽之前在展示的陳設上鋪一層黏土. 115. "The gay mayor maybe lay in the hay by the Baby bay," he says in dismay. 他沮喪地說:"快活的市長大概躺在嬰兒灣邊上的干草中。" 116. The delayed player delegation stay on the playground. 被耽擱的運動員代表團停留在操場上。 117. The X-rayed prayer preyed a gray tray. 照過X光的祈禱者捕獲了一個灰色盤子。 118. Anyway, the prayer swayed by me always goes away by subway. 不管怎樣,受我支配的祈禱者總是從地鐵走向遠方。 119. The chocolates on the plate stimulated my son to calculate. 盤子里的巧克力鼓勵了兒子進行計算. PDF 文件使用 "pdfFactory Pro" 試用版本創建 www.fineprint.com.cn 120. One of my relatives, a late translator, translated a book relating to public relations. 我的一位親戚,一個已故翻譯,翻譯了一本有關公共關係的書。 第二周第2天 121. He relates that he is isolated from his relatives. 他敘述說他與親戚們隔離開了. 122. The educator located the local location allocated to him. 教育家定出了分配給他的局部的位置. 123. Comply with the compatible rule of complement when using compliments. 使用問候語時遵守補語的相容規則. 124. The complicated indicator is dedicated to the delicate delicious machine. 這個復雜的指示器被奉獻給精密而美妙的機器. 125. Likewise, my bike gave a striking strike to the two men alike. 同樣,我的自行車給那兩個相象的人驚人的打擊. 126. The smoke choked the joking stroker at one stroke. 煙一下嗆住了開玩笑的撫摩者. 127. Somewhere somebody sometimes does something good. 在某處某人有時做某些好事。 128. Wherever I go, nowhere I like; I dislike everywhere. 無論我到哪里,沒有哪里為我喜歡,我討厭每一個地方. 129. Therefore, the atmosphere is merely a sphere. 因此大氣層只不過是一個球體。 130. The funny cunning runner uses his gum gun before sunrise or after sunset. 滑稽乖巧的賽跑者在日出之前或日落之后使用膠皮槍。 131. The applause paused because of the cause caused by a cautious plausible clause. 掌聲停了是因為一條謹慎的似乎有理的條款引起的原因。 132. The county councilor encountered the accountant at the counter of a countryside shop. 縣委委員在一鄉村商店的柜台邊碰到了會計師。 133. I mounted the mountain and found a fountain with large amount of water. 我登上那座山發現一個水量很大的噴泉。 134. Step by step, the sleepy creeper crawled into my sleeve to sleep. 昏昏欲睡的爬蟲一步一步爬進我的袖子里睡覺. 135. After a deep sleep, the weeping sweeper keeps on peeping the sheep on the steep. 酣睡之后,哭泣的清掃者繼續窺視峭壁上的羊。 136. The vice-adviser advised the reviser to devise a device for getting rid of vice. 代理顧問建議校訂者想出一個根除惡習的計策. 137. The wise man used his wisdom in the vertical advertisement device. 聰明人把智慧用在垂直的 廣告裝置上。 138. With rhythm, the arithmetic teacher put the artist’s artificial articles on the vehicle. 算術老師把藝術家的人造物品有節奏地放到運載工具里. 139. The smart star starts to make cart chart for the commencement. 精明的明星開始制作授學位典禮用的馬車圖表。 140. The lady is glad to give the salad to the sad lad on the ladder. 女士樂意把色拉送給梯子上的那位悲哀的小伙子. 第二周第3天(各位網友一定要堅持下來呀,別輕言放棄,相信肯定能提高你們的詞匯量 ) 141. You mad madam, my dad doesn’t like the bad badminton pad. 你這個瘋太太,我爸爸不喜歡這種坏羽毛球墊. 142. The one-legged beggar begins to beg eggs illegally. 獨腿乞丐開始非法討蛋。 143. The promoter promptly made a quotation for the remote control motors. 144. Each pea and peach on the beach can be reached by the peacock. 145. Although the plan was thorough, it was not carried through. 盡管計划很周詳,但是沒有得到貫徹。 146. Thoughtful men ought not to be thoughtless about the drought. 體貼的人不應該對干旱考慮不周。 147. “Rough cough is tough enough,” Bough said while touching the torch. 148. The football team stopped the steam stream with beams. 149. "Ice-cream!" he screamed in dream. 150. For example, this simple sample similar to his can be exemplified. 例如,這件與他的相似的簡單樣品可以作為例證。 151. The spy is shy of taking shelter on the shelf of the shell-like shed. 152. The optional helicopter is adopted to help the optimistic helpless in the hell. 153. The cell seller seldom sees the bell belt melt. 小單間的賣主很少見到鈴鐺帶子融化。 154. The costly post was postponed because of the frost. 那件昂貴的信件由於霜的緣故而延擱。 155. Srain brain on the train is restrained. 在列車上過度用腦受到約束. 156. The gained grain drained away with the rain, all the pains were in vain again. 收獲的谷物隨雨水流失了,所有辛勞又白費. 157. Cousin saw a group of couples in cloaks soak their souls in the soapy soup. 表哥看見一群穿著斗篷的夫婦在肥皂湯里浸泡靈魂. 158. The wounded founder bought a pound of compound. 受傷的奠基人買了一磅化合物. 159. It’s easy and feasible to control the disease after cease-fire. 停火之后控制這種病很容易也可行。 160. After a decrease, the price of the grease increases increasingly. 下跌過一次之后,潤滑脂的價格日益上漲。 第二周第4天(各位網友一定要堅持下來呀,別輕言放棄,相信肯定能提高你們的詞匯量) 161. Please release that pleasant peasant teaser who brings us plenty of pleasure. 請釋放那個帶給我們巨大快樂的友好的農民逗趣者。 162. In the canal, the Canadian analyzed the bananas. 在運河里,那個加拿大人化驗了香蕉. 163. I pointed out the joint on the coin at the disappointing appointment. 在令人失望的約會上,我指出了硬幣上的接頭. 164. His parents apparently stare at the transparent cigarettes. 他父母顯然凝視著透明香煙. 165. The careful man is scarcely scared by the scarce parcel. 細心男子勉強被罕見的包裹嚇了一下. 166. I’m rarely aware that the square area is bare. 我很少覺察到那個正方形區域是光禿禿的. 167. “Beware the software in the warhouse during the warfare,” hare said glaring at me. 兔子怒視著我說:“戰爭期間當心倉庫里的軟體。” 168. I daren’t declare that the shares are my spare fare and welfare on the farewell party. 在告別會上,我不敢宣稱這些股票是我的備用車費和福利。 169. The external and internal interference interrupts my interpretation at short intervals. 內部和外部干涉以很短的間隔打擾我翻譯. 170. The form of the former formula is formally formulated. 前一個分子式的形式得到正式表述. 171. The performer reformed the performance of the transferred transformer. 表演者改良了轉讓的變壓器的性能. 172. Normally, enormous deformation is abnormal. 通常,巨大的變形是不正常的。 173. The bookworm in uniform is informed of the storm. 穿制服的書呆子得到暴風雨的消息。 174. The story about the six-storeyed dormitory tells a glorious history. 關於六層樓宿舍的故事講述一段光榮曆史。 175. The perfume consumer presumably assumes that the volume is resumed. 香水消費者假定地設想音量已恢復. 176. The voluntary revolutionaries revolted like the outbreak of volcano. 志願革命者們象火山爆發一樣起義了. 177. It’s resolved by resolution that the solution will be used to solve the involved problem. 決議決定用這個辦法解決那個復雜的問題。 178. The generous general’s genuine genius is in making generators. 那位慷慨將軍的真正天才在於制造發電機. 179. Several severe federal generals drank the mineral water on the miner’s funeral. 好幾個嚴厲的聯邦將軍在礦工的葬禮上喝了礦泉水。 180. The lean man leans on the clean bean plant to read a leaf leaflet. 瘦人斜靠在干凈的豆科植物上讀葉片傳單. 第二周第5天(今天是3月24日星期五,各位網友一定要堅持下來呀,週六、週日可以好好休息一下,另外別忘了順便復習這周的內容,檢查一下自己學習得如何?我們下周再見面了,^_^) 181. I mean he used mean means in the meantime on the ocean. 我的意思是其間在海洋上他用了卑鄙手法. 182. The honourable journalist spent an hour on the journey of tour. 可敬的新聞記者在觀光旅程上花了一個小時. 183. The sour vapour pours into the flourishing flour factory. It’s the source of resources. 酸蒸汽涌進興旺的面粉廠.這是資源的源泉. 184. Of course the man’s courage encouraged the discouraged tourists in the courtyard. 自然那個勇敢男子的勇氣鼓舞了院子里泄氣的游客們。 185. The zealous dealer has an ideal idea of dealing with the meal. 熱心的商人有一個處理膳食的理想主意. 186. He conceals the fact that he is jealous of my seal and wants to steal it. 他隱瞞了他嫉妒我的印章並想偷的事實. 187. I really realized that a realm came into reality. 我真地認識到一個王國已變成現實. 188. The healer reveals an appealing fact that health is great wealth to the commonwealth. 醫治者揭示一個吸引人的事實:健康是聯邦的巨大財富。 189. The absent-minded student consents to the sentence in the presence of me. 心不在焉的學生在我面前同意這份判決. 190. Presently the present is presented to the representative. 現在這份禮物已呈現在代表面前。 191. Not for a moment has the comment on commercial phenomenon been mentioned. 那個關於商業現象的評論從未被提及過。 192. The mental patient thinks the cement is the elementary element of the ornament. 精神病人認為水泥是裝飾品的基本成分. 193. As an exception I accept all his concepts and conceptions except one. 作為例外,我接受他所有的概念和構想,只有一個除外。 194. I perceived that the veil clung on the ceiling of the clinic was deceit. 我覺察到粘附在診所天花板上的幔子是個騙局. 195. The receptionist received a receipt from the receiver. 接待員收到一份來自接收者的收據。 196. The reaper leaped over a heap of cheap weapons. 收割者躍過一堆廉價的武器。 197. The newly imprisoned prisoners poisoned poisonous moisture are hoisted out from the prison. 中了有毒濕氣毒的新近關押的囚犯被從監獄吊出. 198. The gross grocer crossed his legs before the boss. 粗鄙的雜貨商在老板面前叉起腿子. 199. The lost Bible is possibly the biggest loss of my possessions. 丟失的聖經可能是我最大的財產損失。 200. A dose of poison made the noisy man’s nose rosy. 一劑毒葯使得吵鬧的男子的鼻子變成玫瑰色. 第三周第1天(一周之際在於今天,所以各位網友一定要堅持下來呀,別輕言放棄,相信肯定能提高你們的詞匯量) 201. The loser closely enclosed himself in the closet. 那個失敗者把自己嚴密地封閉在小室內。 202. The composer was proposed to decompose his composition into components. 作曲家被建議將著作分解成單元。 203. Suppose you were exposed in the opposite position by your opponent, ... 假設你被對手暴露在相反的位置,.... 204. The depositor positively positioned the preposition in that position on purpose. 儲戶有意確信地介詞放置在那個位置。 205. In church the nurse cursed the people pursuing the purple purse. 在教堂里,護士詛咒了追求紫色錢包的人們。 206. The faculty for agricultural culture isn’t difficult to cultivate. 農業栽培能力不難培養。 207. The reservoir in the reserved preserve is an obstacle to the obstinate observer. 預留保護區內的水庫對固執的觀察者是一個障礙。 208. The desert deserves the nervous servants to observe. 那個沙漠值得神經緊張的公務員們去觀察。 209. The bulk of the ruby rubbish on the pebble bubbles when stirred by bulbed rubber club. 小卵石上的大部分紅寶石廢料在用有球狀突起的橡膠短棍攪動是會起泡。 210. The adjective injected new meaning into the objected objective object. 這個形容詞給受到反對的客觀物體注入了新的意義。 211. The projector is subject to rejection and may be ejected from the project. 投影機有遭到否決的傾向並可能被逐出工程。 212. A day goes through daybreak, morning, noon, afternoon, evening and midnight. 一天經過坲曉,上午,正文,下午,傍晚和午夜。 213. His affection for the defects is affected by the infectious perfect effect. 他對缺點的鐘愛受到具有感染力的完美效果的影響。 214. The critic’s criticism is critical to the crisis. 評論家的批評對這場危機至關重要。 215. The director’s indirect direction led to the incorrect erection of the rectifier. 指導者間接的指導導致整流器的錯誤安裝。 216. The prospective inspector prospected his prospect with his own perspective. 未來的檢查員用自己的觀點勘察的他的前景。 217. Two suspicious aspects are suspected respectively. 兩個可疑的方面分別受到懷疑。 218. This section about insects is written by a respectable specialist. 關於昆蟲的這一節是由一位可敬的專家撰寫的。 219. I assure the injured jury that a sure insurance is ensured. 我讓受傷的陪審團確信一筆有把握的保險得到的確保。 220. My durable endurance made me endure the injury during insurance. 我持久的忍耐力使我忍受了保險期間的傷害。 第三周第2天(各位網友一定要堅持下來呀,別輕言放棄,相信肯定能提高你們的詞匯量) 221. I can’t endure the leisured man’s measures for the treasures in the treasury. 我不能容忍那個悠閑男子對金庫財寶採取的措施。 222. In the exchange the oranges are arranged into strange ranges. 在交易所里橙子被排成奇怪的行。 223. The ashtray, splashed with ash, crashed with a clash in a flash while being washed. 那個濺有灰塵的煙灰盤在清洗時?當一聲一下子摔碎了。 224. He dashed to smash the fashionable ashtray with cash. 他猛沖過去用現金砸那個過時的煙灰盤。 225. I feel a bit of bitterness for his ambitious exhibition. 我為他雄心勃勃的展覽感到一點點触痛。 226. On the orbit, the rabbits habitually inherited the merits of the inhabitants. 在軌道上,兔子習慣性地繼承了居民們的優點。 227. Her rejoicing voice is void of something avoidable. 她那令人高興的聲音缺少某種可避免的東西。 228. I prefer the preferable preference you referred to in the reference books. 我更喜歡你在參考書中提到的那個更可取的優先權。 229. The specialist specifically specified a special pacific means especially. 專家特地明確指定了一種和解的特殊方法。 230. The speculator specifically specified the specification of this species specimen. 投機者特地指定了這種物種標本的規範。 231 I’m to be punished for publishing his bad reputation to the public of the republic. 我因將他的坏名聲公布給共和國的公眾將受到懲罰。 232. The drug trafficker is concerned about the condition of the traditional concert. 毒品販子擔心傳統音樂會的狀況。 233. It’s a fable that the cable enables the disabled man to be able to walk. 電纜使得殘疾人能夠行走是天方夜譚。 234. The problem is that those who are out of jobs probably rob. 問題是那些失業者們可能行劫。 235. His wicked trick is to get the kids to kick bricks and lick the cricket ticket. 他的缺德惡作劇是讓孩子們踢磚和添板球門。 236. The thin sick chicken picks the thick sticky stick quickly. 瘦病雞快速地啄粘乎乎的粗棍。 237. The animals unanimously vanished from the mammal’s room furnishe

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abnormal/ /a.不正常的;變態的 abolish/ /vt.廢除,取消
abrupt/ /a. 突然的,意外的,唐突的
absurd/ /a.不合理的,荒唐的
academy/ /n.私立中學;專科院校
accessory/ /n.同謀 a.附屬的

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美國 ETS 宣佈取消「新制GRE測驗」!


美國教育考試服務中心GRE考試部門執行處長David Payne表示這次取消新制GRE測驗的主要原因是因為ETS無法確定新制GRE考試是否可以普及到全球所有的考生。縱使之前新制GRE考試的研究發展推展得如火如荼,然而,當ETS發現還有許多考生受到環境上的限制而無法參與網路考試時,經過一番審慎的討論與評估之後,不得不以考生及學校的便利考量為出發點。


原本實施兩階段GRE考試的地區如中國大陸、香港、南韓及臺灣等將於近期內繼續採兩階段的測驗方式,第一階段考分析寫作(Analytical Writing)為電腦化測驗(CBT),第二階段考語文(Verbal)及 計量(Quantitative) 為紙筆測驗。
(資料來源:學術交流基金會-留美雙週報; ETS)

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新制「托福網路測驗」(Internet-Based TOEFL,iBT)5月20日在台首度登場,新增口說測驗,且一律以電腦作答,考生不僅英文口說能力要好,使用電腦也要具備一定能力,另考試時間將創新高,實際施測時間約4小時,加上進場與準備時間,全程將長達5.5小時,對考生體力是一大負荷。



(資料來源: 民生報)

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GRE(Graduate Record Examinations)測驗,是由GRE委員會委託美國教育測驗服務社(Educational Testing Service,簡稱ETS)舉辦的世界性測驗,做為美國各大學研究所或研究機構的申請入學參考條件之一。美聯社報導,這項每年有500,000名畢業生投考的研究所入學測驗經過改進﹐本來預定在今年10月間推出﹐它比原來的GRE 普通測試版更新﹐更長﹐也更加昂貴。但是寫出並執行這個考試版本的美國教育測驗服務社於2月8日說﹐由於執行上有困難﹐採用日期將延後一年。

大部份考生目前在電腦上接受GRE測驗﹐但是美國教育測驗服務社正在換成更安全的以網絡為基礎的考試系統。這個作法是為了容納更多的考生﹐但是新版本依舊將每年一次﹐在30個考試天裡的一天在指定的考試地點使用。 美國教育測驗服務社表示﹐今年10月的考場不一定有足夠的座位容納所有的考生。

現行GRE測驗包括語文、計量、分析寫作三大部分,新GRE測驗將推出新的問題形態,新版本的試卷將需要4個鐘頭解答﹐不是過去的兩個半小時﹐並且取消反義詞和比喻(antonym and analogy )的問題 ﹐強調重要的推理試題。數學部分將減少幾何﹐注重資料的解釋。目前的價格是美國學生一人115美元﹐預計會漲價。

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預計於2005年9月上場的新式托福到底有多難?(台灣預計2006開始實施) 美國教育基金會曾對100多名台灣民眾作測試,結果受測者百分之百都說難,參加測試的考生甚至超過83%認為,必須採用新的準備方式才能充分應考新式托福。




至於考生要如何準備新式托福? 建議同學們,多說、多聽、多看英文,並多多訓練自己的表達能力,平常看書時要廣泛涉獵各方面題材,不要死背專業、難澀的英文單字,因為新式托福很多考題是模擬學生在校園中真實上課與生活的情境。

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The new TOEFL test is a breakthrough in testing because it measures all four language skills, emphasizes the ability to communicate, and will be delivered via the Internet.

In order to maintain test and score integrity and ensure a quality administration for test takers, ETS will introduce the new test in phases.

September 2005: UNITED STATES

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The Next Generation TOEFL Test—TOEFL iBT
The new TOEFL test is a breakthrough in testing because it measures all four language skills, emphasizes the ability to communicate, and will be delivered via the Internet.

In order to maintain test and score integrity and ensure a quality administration for test takers, ETS will introduce the new test in phases.

September 2005: UNITED STATES
The new test will first be administered in the United States. The current computer-based test will end in mid September, and the Internet-based test will begin on September 24.

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GRE(Graduate Record Examinations)和托福(TOEFL)都是申請美國各大學研究所的主要留學考試,各審核學校也都將這些留學考試成績高低列為主要參考條件,以GRE來說共分為普通測驗(General GRE)和學科測驗(Subject GRE)二種。

一般申請研究所只需要普通測驗成績,分為語文(Verbal)、計量(Quantitative )和分析寫作(Analytical Writing)三種測驗,語文、計量採紙筆測驗,成績介於200~800分間;分析寫作採電腦測驗,計分為0~6分;GRE普通測驗報名費高達175塊美金,高於托福測驗為130塊美金。



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三、口試Speaking把TSE TestofSpokenEnglish融合在新託福中的,然而與現行的TSE相比又有較大改動。這個部分共有6題,持續約20分鐘。



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托福必需了解的詞彙和專業術語1︰生物學dinosaur恐龍, die out , extinction滅絕, paleontologist古生物學家, mammal哺乳動物, barnacle, underwater, marine海洋的, biology, scuba水下呼吸器, diving, one-celled organism, jellyfish, tissue, protective camouflage保護色, predator捕獵者, biology, oceanic snail蝸牛, zoology, animal adaptation, wild environment, snake, owl, insecticide殺蟲劑, coral珊瑚, , blood cell, prenatal care產后護理, habitat棲息地, flat and angular shape, squid, tentacle鬚子, biologist, creature, electric fish, prey捕食, navigate, tiny receptor接受器, transmission impulse, nerve, specimen物種, amphibian兩棲類動物, decline in the number, wild life, genetic基因的,遺傳的, endangered species瀕危物種, panda, crane, survival, transition, microbe微生物, yeast, bacteria細菌, single-cell, structure, cold-blooded, warm-blooded, adjust, reptile爬行類動物, turtle, lay eggs, hatch孵化, incubation孵化, hibernate冬眠,nest, robin, wasp, offspring子孫, stinger, chew up, rodent,嚙齒類動物 burro, evolution, sea life, octopus章魚, shell, spider, unfertilized eggs未受精的卵, nutrient, nourishment feed, survive, cannibalism同類相食, gene 2: 地質學earthquake, seismic activity, tidal force, Erie Canal, inland waterway, Great Canyon, coast, volcanic ash, eruption, filed trip, rock formation, Death Valley, desert, layer, fold, waterfall, rapid, natural wonder, Nile River, crust, Colorado river, swale erosion, geologist, rocky mantle of the continent, mid-ocean ridge, landlocked area內陸, atmosphere, active volcano活火山, ice sheet, glacier, melt global warming, plain, fossil化石, bored hole, fault斷層, make up the earth interior, vibration, p waves, s waves, crust, core, molten lava岩漿3︰天文學astronomy, illusive object, cosmos宇宙, Brown Dwarf, gaseous bodies, planet, massive, ignite, star, heaven, celestial天體的, faint微弱的, universe, comet, meteor流星, astronomer, observatory天文台, telescope, image, astronomical object, remote, feeble微弱的, solar system, origin, gravitational force吸引力, molten, Mars, space4︰建築學construct, architect, architecture, wing輔樓, design, elevator, construction, skyscraper, design element, log structure, cabin, beam, wall, style, prototype原型, building technique, new material, ten stories high, metal-frame, construction, glass box, a glass-shelf framed in a metal grid5︰能源和環境fossil fuel, coal, oil, gas, process of photo synthesis光合作用, solar energy, nonrenewable, energy conservation保護能源, resource, alternative, energy source, tidal energy, coalification煤化, traffic jam, fuel-efficient節能型的, rush hour, pollute, zero emission零輻射, environment, wildness, preservation, atmosphere, climate, carbon, dioxide, burning of coal and oil, global warming, green house effect溫室效應, rise in sea level, ice-cap, melt, long-term climatic change長期的氣候變化, clean up, offshore spillage, Environmental Awareness Club, recycling center再循環利用中心, litter, trash bag, garbage, air pollution, pollutant, desertification沙漠化, deforest濫伐森林, flood, drought乾旱, water shortagemayor appoint hospitable precursor prehistoric trigger apparently approximately humanities species colonize dialect intonation phonetics semantics pragmatism resemble identical nevertheless eventually linguistics confident agitate flurried hypothesis analyze demonstrate physical mental spiritual minority psychology routine rhythm constitution provincial elementary legislation curriculum faculty rudimentary supervise influential eccentric comedy tragedy talent literature weird critic formal rigid conventional flexible contemporary improvise photography capture intuitive improvisation exposure colony versatile sketch portrait nostalgia conservatism prestigious renowned preeminent specifically genre movement conductor brass percussion harpsichord strings accordion bagpipe chamber symphony sonata madrigal spiritual lyricist solo dual trio quartet appreciation nutrition vitamin lettuce spinach protein mineral broccoli appetizer dessert insecticide pesticide premium concrete gourmet anthropology prehistoric nuts excavation cave grotto maize ritual civilization agriculture domesticate corn maze squash grain cultivate kernel fertile barren husk freight architecture skyscraper cement skeleton frame escalator endure fur atmosphere amphibian botany botanical budding sprout blossom wither stem trunk shrub aquatic foliage parasite pollen specimen inclusion resin petal amber species specimen resin ooze evolution innovation characteristics property attributes scale tourist photosynthesis symbiosis zoology beast endangered focus evolution adaptation microbe mammal amphibian rodent reptile vertebrate prey pray homosexual heterosexual lesbian virus predator bisexual constitute constitution biology therapy contagious infections incurable marine mysterious octopus lobster plankton streamline wiggle incompressible dwelling accommodation civil aerospace hydraulic excavate ores aqueduct reservoir alloy moisture deliberate geology volcano dormant spurt gush effusion layer hypothesis diverse mineral seismology permeate meteorite meteor nonporous glacier plate fault density aquifer astronomy heaven celestial terrestrial planet comet tail cosmos galaxy feeble remote faint sustainable conservation renewable meteorology climate humidity environment contamination solution blink stress energy shortage conserve consumption consume anxiety insomnia excessive tranquilizer trash emission feature merit demerit downside pollutant alternative physiology panic prescription description precipitation capsule liquid tablet pill stimulate probe launch asteroid antennas suspend legislation recall transcontinental plot cattle fence wire resistance retreat plain evaluate appeal investigation precision administration phenomenonprestigious honor coin create constraining inhibiting mimicry pseudomorph color hue demise expire disposition temperament drastic radical exceed surpass hinder impede indiscriminate haphazard intimate proliferate multiply resemble ruin despoil deceptive inducible subsidiary branch bear carry innovative original insinuate hint novel obscure blur subsist substantiate verify tenor nature adjoin adjacent advocate hold wholesome healthful account for explain advance propose craft vessel deliberately purposely fabric structure fabricate make implement carry out inclination preference insulation isolation sanitation health sarcastic sardonic speculate hypothesis subject to susceptible for elaborate careful abrupt affection fondness akin similar successive consecutive portray depict grant impart inform induce bring about maneuver trick parity quality pose frame precipitate cause thinly sparely spur urge toil drudgetrait demolish diminish coarse scarce persistence resistance peculiar convey saturate misconception apparent proposal surmise capable of category survey

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