托福必需了解的詞彙和專業術語1︰生物學dinosaur恐龍, die out , extinction滅絕, paleontologist古生物學家, mammal哺乳動物, barnacle, underwater, marine海洋的, biology, scuba水下呼吸器, diving, one-celled organism, jellyfish, tissue, protective camouflage保護色, predator捕獵者, biology, oceanic snail蝸牛, zoology, animal adaptation, wild environment, snake, owl, insecticide殺蟲劑, coral珊瑚, , blood cell, prenatal care產后護理, habitat棲息地, flat and angular shape, squid, tentacle鬚子, biologist, creature, electric fish, prey捕食, navigate, tiny receptor接受器, transmission impulse, nerve, specimen物種, amphibian兩棲類動物, decline in the number, wild life, genetic基因的,遺傳的, endangered species瀕危物種, panda, crane, survival, transition, microbe微生物, yeast, bacteria細菌, single-cell, structure, cold-blooded, warm-blooded, adjust, reptile爬行類動物, turtle, lay eggs, hatch孵化, incubation孵化, hibernate冬眠,nest, robin, wasp, offspring子孫, stinger, chew up, rodent,嚙齒類動物 burro, evolution, sea life, octopus章魚, shell, spider, unfertilized eggs未受精的卵, nutrient, nourishment feed, survive, cannibalism同類相食, gene 2: 地質學earthquake, seismic activity, tidal force, Erie Canal, inland waterway, Great Canyon, coast, volcanic ash, eruption, filed trip, rock formation, Death Valley, desert, layer, fold, waterfall, rapid, natural wonder, Nile River, crust, Colorado river, swale erosion, geologist, rocky mantle of the continent, mid-ocean ridge, landlocked area內陸, atmosphere, active volcano活火山, ice sheet, glacier, melt global warming, plain, fossil化石, bored hole, fault斷層, make up the earth interior, vibration, p waves, s waves, crust, core, molten lava岩漿3︰天文學astronomy, illusive object, cosmos宇宙, Brown Dwarf, gaseous bodies, planet, massive, ignite, star, heaven, celestial天體的, faint微弱的, universe, comet, meteor流星, astronomer, observatory天文台, telescope, image, astronomical object, remote, feeble微弱的, solar system, origin, gravitational force吸引力, molten, Mars, space4︰建築學construct, architect, architecture, wing輔樓, design, elevator, construction, skyscraper, design element, log structure, cabin, beam, wall, style, prototype原型, building technique, new material, ten stories high, metal-frame, construction, glass box, a glass-shelf framed in a metal grid5︰能源和環境fossil fuel, coal, oil, gas, process of photo synthesis光合作用, solar energy, nonrenewable, energy conservation保護能源, resource, alternative, energy source, tidal energy, coalification煤化, traffic jam, fuel-efficient節能型的, rush hour, pollute, zero emission零輻射, environment, wildness, preservation, atmosphere, climate, carbon, dioxide, burning of coal and oil, global warming, green house effect溫室效應, rise in sea level, ice-cap, melt, long-term climatic change長期的氣候變化, clean up, offshore spillage, Environmental Awareness Club, recycling center再循環利用中心, litter, trash bag, garbage, air pollution, pollutant, desertification沙漠化, deforest濫伐森林, flood, drought乾旱, water shortagemayor appoint hospitable precursor prehistoric trigger apparently approximately humanities species colonize dialect intonation phonetics semantics pragmatism resemble identical nevertheless eventually linguistics confident agitate flurried hypothesis analyze demonstrate physical mental spiritual minority psychology routine rhythm constitution provincial elementary legislation curriculum faculty rudimentary supervise influential eccentric comedy tragedy talent literature weird critic formal rigid conventional flexible contemporary improvise photography capture intuitive improvisation exposure colony versatile sketch portrait nostalgia conservatism prestigious renowned preeminent specifically genre movement conductor brass percussion harpsichord strings accordion bagpipe chamber symphony sonata madrigal spiritual lyricist solo dual trio quartet appreciation nutrition vitamin lettuce spinach protein mineral broccoli appetizer dessert insecticide pesticide premium concrete gourmet anthropology prehistoric nuts excavation cave grotto maize ritual civilization agriculture domesticate corn maze squash grain cultivate kernel fertile barren husk freight architecture skyscraper cement skeleton frame escalator endure fur atmosphere amphibian botany botanical budding sprout blossom wither stem trunk shrub aquatic foliage parasite pollen specimen inclusion resin petal amber species specimen resin ooze evolution innovation characteristics property attributes scale tourist photosynthesis symbiosis zoology beast endangered focus evolution adaptation microbe mammal amphibian rodent reptile vertebrate prey pray homosexual heterosexual lesbian virus predator bisexual constitute constitution biology therapy contagious infections incurable marine mysterious octopus lobster plankton streamline wiggle incompressible dwelling accommodation civil aerospace hydraulic excavate ores aqueduct reservoir alloy moisture deliberate geology volcano dormant spurt gush effusion layer hypothesis diverse mineral seismology permeate meteorite meteor nonporous glacier plate fault density aquifer astronomy heaven celestial terrestrial planet comet tail cosmos galaxy feeble remote faint sustainable conservation renewable meteorology climate humidity environment contamination solution blink stress energy shortage conserve consumption consume anxiety insomnia excessive tranquilizer trash emission feature merit demerit downside pollutant alternative physiology panic prescription description precipitation capsule liquid tablet pill stimulate probe launch asteroid antennas suspend legislation recall transcontinental plot cattle fence wire resistance retreat plain evaluate appeal investigation precision administration phenomenonprestigious honor coin create constraining inhibiting mimicry pseudomorph color hue demise expire disposition temperament drastic radical exceed surpass hinder impede indiscriminate haphazard intimate proliferate multiply resemble ruin despoil deceptive inducible subsidiary branch bear carry innovative original insinuate hint novel obscure blur subsist substantiate verify tenor nature adjoin adjacent advocate hold wholesome healthful account for explain advance propose craft vessel deliberately purposely fabric structure fabricate make implement carry out inclination preference insulation isolation sanitation health sarcastic sardonic speculate hypothesis subject to susceptible for elaborate careful abrupt affection fondness akin similar successive consecutive portray depict grant impart inform induce bring about maneuver trick parity quality pose frame precipitate cause thinly sparely spur urge toil drudgetrait demolish diminish coarse scarce persistence resistance peculiar convey saturate misconception apparent proposal surmise capable of category survey


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